The Pause

The Pause — When I began this blog, I wanted to post proverbs for one year.  In time, I had an overabundance of proverbs. I have continued the blog for two years…I believe it contains 732 proverbs. At this point, I have decided to discontinue/stop posting proverbs. Although I may post one or two more short stories related to golf maintenance, I will probably not post proverbs for some time.

In a strange and unexpected manner, the blog has changed the way I listen and changed the way I think (the chatter in my head). In every day events (conversation, reading, watching movies, listening to the radio…), I find myself searching for truths that can be converted to proverbs, and I am constantly playing with words to create the ‘ideal’ proverb. My pockets, office, and closet are full of scraps of paper with scratches of thoughts and ideas…I hate to think how many have been consumed by the washing machine. Although unintentional, this strange process has taken time to develop (I have been writing turf-related proverbs for nearly four years). Consequentially, I suspect it will take time to ‘undevelop’. Thus, I expect to continue ‘scratching’ proverbs (I doubt I have the ability to stop). If, at some point, I amass enough, I may decide to ‘continue’ the blog.

Thanks — Life is very busy and we all have a million things to do. If you have taken the time to read this blog (once or one hundred times), I am grateful for your ‘attendance’. It is a great honor to be able to share ideas.

Special Thanks — Over the course of the last couple years, several individuals have provided great assistance and encouragement with the blog.  Not surprisingly, all of these individuals are friends and/or family. I would like to give a few words of thanks to each person. Overall, the scope of their help and the magnitude of my gratitude far exceeds the limitations of this blog and my writing abilities. Nevertheless, in matters related to the blog, and, more importantly, in endeavors associated with life and living, I am overwhelmingly grateful for them and their relationships.

Bill S. — I was/am always surprised and encouraged when you reference one of the blogs in conversation. I am especially surprised since, although you are a successful and prominent business leader, you have no association with the game of golf or golf maintenance. I know your time is very valuable and I greatly appreciate your comments and support. I consider myself fortunate to spend time with you.

Jammin — I greatly appreciate your technical advice in creating the blog. Thanks for being patient with my stupid computer questions. Without your expertise, I am not sure what I would have done. Also, I am grateful for your comments and insight in crafting the proverbs. As a golfer, you bring lots of valuable thoughts.  As a thinker, you bring lots of insight.  I have long respected your sharp mind and keen insight. I suspect you could be anything you wanted to be. I am fortunate to have spent many years with you. Thanks for all the great memories. I am lucky to call you my friend.

Keith K. — In many ways, you have strongly influenced who I am.  I am sure many of the thoughts incorporated into the proverbs are from you. At times, while writing a proverb, I wondered how you would digest the thought.  I am confident you found more in them than I ever intended. If I know a small fraction of what you know about science and life/living, I am a lucky man. I consider myself fortunate to have spent time with you. You have made a difference in my life. Thanks for believing in me.

Mom —  As a non-turf person, I am sure some of the proverbs were/are ‘mysterious’ and difficult to read. Nevertheless, as a retired English teacher and one of the most voracious readers I know, you were, and always have been, eager to help with my writing, and, more importantly, you have always given your utmost, your love, to me and my/our entire family.  Could a man ask for a better and more glorious mother?  I think not.

Kids — I know it has been somewhat difficult to listen to me talking about proverbs.  In many ways, I used you as a sounding-board to help shape the words.  Even with some minor eye-rolling, I greatly appreciate your patients and understanding.  Someday, I hope you read the blog.  Someday, I hope you enjoy it and learn from it (not about turf, but about life).  I am overwhelmingly thankful, proud, and pleased with both of you.  You are a great joy in my life.

Wife — Probably more than anyone, you have endured the rigors and monotony of listening to my proverbial babbling…testing the shape and wording of a proverb. I greatly appreciate your feedback, listening ear, and wise advice. Thanks for being patient and understanding.  I am sure many of the proverbs reflect the attitudes, thoughts, and emotions you have shared with me and inspired within me.  I am ‘blessed’ to be with you and call you my wife. You are the love of my life.

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Dancing in the Wind

A young Superintendent speaks and expects others to listen; an experienced one realizes he is, at his most fortunate, a whisper in the wind of nature.  [1/2/15]

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Not Promises

Proverbs are not promises. [1/1/15]

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Shame and Poverty (Part 1)

The game of golf prides itself on honor and integrity, but its workers live in shame and poverty. [12/31/14]

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Pain and Fear

A misguided Superintendent runs from his pain and fear, but leaves it with his wife and children; a wise one agknowledges his pain and fear, but confines it to his back pocket. [12/30/14]

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Every Superintendent is like another, but every Superintendent is unique. [12/29/14]

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Baseball and Golf

Major League Baseball and golf course maintenance have one thing in common: the spring is full of hope. [12/28/14…modified from R.A. Dickey]

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