About This Blog

About This Blog

For the past thirty years, I have been fortunate to work in the golf and turf industry.  The work setting is awesome and the people are magnificent.  During my time in the industry, I have heard and learned many interesting, captivating, and thought-provoking statements.  Often, as a Golf Course Superintendent, I find myself repeating theses statements.  During the last couple years, I have taken the initiative to record some common, and some not so common statements and observations. I refer to these statements as proverbs.

Proverbs are “often stated observations regarding something from common experience.”  Many of the collected proverbs are frequent comments from other Superintendents.  Some are rarely stated, but, I believe, commonly thought.  In this sense, I attempt to record the common thoughts of uncommon men.

Most of the proverbs pertain directly to golf and golf maintenance.  Some are much more generic, referring to life in general.  Some are embarrassingly simple, while others require contemplation.  Although the preliminary and primary objective is to provide useful directions for young and aspiring Superintendents, I hope all readers can harvest some inspiring and/or entertaining thoughts.  In review, I find the proverbs cover a surprisingly broad swath of contemplative and emotional states, from joy and elation to hopelessness and bitterness.  This should not surprise me; the shoes of a Superintendent cover a vast array of a territory.

In most circumstances, if not all, the principles belong to others.  I presume little credit for their derivation…I am a pencil.  In many situations, I have changed words to suit the golf industry.  Some statements belong to men who have directed my career.  Some are from unknown and/or forgotten sources.  Many belong to Solomon, the skilled landscape architect and accomplished horticulturist.  In most cases, accreditation is limited to direct quotes.  Regardless of the source, I am honored and grateful to everyone who has enriched my path.  The list is gargantuan; thank you to all.

The ambition of the blog is to publish one new proverb per day, or depending on the time of year, seven proverbs per week.  At the end of the year, the blog should supply an interesting array of golf-related proverbs.


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