Keeping Records

A foolish Superintendent keeps no records of pesticide applications; a wise one keeps no records of wrongs. (4/20/17)

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2 Responses to Keeping Records

  1. keith karnok says:

    Not sure I understand.

    • I understand, this ‘sentence’ is somewhat confusing. It is a play off the ‘saying’ “Love keeps no records of wrongs”. The first part of the sentence is a ‘false lead’…it is not directly related to the second part. Obviously, it is good to keep records and create institutional memory, especially in a business setting and pertaining to hazardous situations (pesticide applications). In fact, in most situations (business and personal) is is good to keep records. However, in our personal lives, it is ‘probably’ best not to keep records of wrongs ‘perpetrated’ against us. In my own life/experience, these ‘records’ seem to fester into anger, resentment and bitterness…not tasteful sentiments to harbor.

      I hope this explanation helps clarify. Thanks for reading the blog expressing an interest is understanding the words.

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